Snapchat- Is it Ethically sound?

All aspects of social media were created with good intensions snapchat is no exception. Sadly, however, abuse is possible. In theory snapchat fulfills a role by allowing sender to present a photo to a recipient that will disappear after a set number of seconds. In practice, however, a recipient could screen grab the photo. Which means that the photo will actually stay on his/her phone.  Defeating the primary concept behind Snapchat. Which begs the question, will snapchat survive?


It is my opinion that Snapchat is the answer, right now. When people talk about privacy with photos snapchat is the best option. The use of screen grabbing is a weak argument to slander snapchat because snapchat goes hand in hand with a basic human instinct, trust. When a sender chooses a recipient he or she has trusted that person not to abuse him or her by screen grabbing that photo. This separates the app from Facebook and twitter and other photo streaming applications.


The clever programmers behind snapchat have even installed a notification system, which allows the sender to be warned about a screen grab if it happens. Allowing the sender to stop any chance of the photo to be manipulated.


Facebook, whatapp and twitter are the most popularly used social applications and have been heavily slatted for inappropriate ‘sexting’ and cyber bullying. It can be easily done but hard to stop. Once an incriminating photo is put up it can be shared, copied, re-tweeted so quickly that it will always be on the worldwide web.  Snpachat is in my eyes the only app, which can provide an answer to cyber bullying at this time.



Cyber bullying is not as narrow-minded as someone calling somebody a name anymore. Now it has broadened out to ganging up on someone by manipulating a story or an image and plastering it on the Internet for the world to see. So much so that it has now ruined so many people’s lives and there is very little can be done to stop it because by simply changing the documents name it can be put back up again and again. We have seen examples of that even in this country. Of papers such as the daily mail or the sun printing explicit stories of conversations teenagers are having over the Internet. This is the basis for snapchats success. It focuses on the trust had between the sender and receiver and while that still exists snapchat will continue to succeed

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