What YouTube means to its users


YouTube’s motives since being acquired by Google have always been that of revenue form advertisements since its takeover. Originally the site was much less consumer based then what it is now but that’s not saying there haven’t been benefits with the site switching hands form your everyday computer geek to the international giant. The profit Google makes allows from investment and employment for YouTube with content creators getting their share of the advertisement revenue from their videos depending on how successful they become. The question always is though, do the big organizations really care for its customers? Well for the more prevalent users on the site you would have to say yes, but for the small guy that’s a little fuzzier.


Image 1: Some popular Youtubers, many who make a living form the site. [1]

Sure now the site has income to monitor uploads and users but could this be restricting original content or help protecting from copyright and privacy? Any small infringement can get a video banned but sometime this use of say a song or an image but that’s how law dictates things should happen so it’s hard to complain.

Mostly the users need to look out for themselves by not shooting themselves in the foot and revealing personal information they wouldn’t want getting out like a house address and maybe even their actual names.

When taking its first steps YouTube wasn’t used by as many people as it is now so maintaining control, equality and protection was easier. YouTube now has to make sure that its subscriber’s users agree to a privacy policy. For users who think that a video invades their privacy or other users simply looking out for one another, they can report the video bringing it to the sites staff’s attention which can be done anonymously as well. Then after a review the video either is found guilty or not guilty, if any wrong doing a notice is sent to edit or remove the video in 48 hours. This seems pretty fair to me but sometimes the damage can be done in 2 days to wreck a person’s reputation.

All in all YouTube may prioritize it users who bring in the big bucks but they try and keep it even and recognize the importance of all its users. This is probably why the site is so widely used among the Internets population. People recognize the efforts YouTube has made to be user friendly and respect the privacy and ambitions its subscribers have, rewarding those who achieve and allowing an even platform for other to become successful, although like everything this can be mainly down to luck.

The sites perception by most is pretty similar, “the ads annoy me, the comments are stupid, the app wont play music when I close it” and countless other possible thing. This is common to most websites though something always bothers people and not everyone can be pleased. Improvements on the mobile app seems and easy enough fix but in due time improvements will always be made, to criticism again.

For many others and myself I enjoy the ease of use and variable content the site has to offer. It would be hard to find people who complain about how they can always watch new music videos or subscribe to their favorite users to get new videos at a moments notice and catch a highlight from a match or watch a speech from something on TV yesterday. I think the subscribers, general users and myself all appreciate having YouTube for what is brings to the Internet.

– Aodh Maguire


  1. 14 KINDS OF PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE: LURKERS, FANS, INFLUENCERS & PROS, Zerf.com, accessed 5/3/1014, http://blog.zefr.com/2013/4-kinds-of-youtubers-lurkers-fans-influencers-pros/.

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