Working behind the Friendly Ghost of Snapchat

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media application in the world, but what about the work staff that is keeping it going? As already stated Snapchat was created by college students Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy and was launched in Evan’s father’s living room. That was back in July 2011. Evan had the original idea and brought in Robbie to code the application and between the three of them they turned a class project picaboo into a recently valued $860 million company.


   In the most recent count there are 35 employees behind the maintenance of snapchat. What is been advertised about working in offices such as Facebook, Google or snapchat itself is that is a colourful, open, social and laid back office, but what separates snapchat from the rest is the message that it will not be acquired. So they set up a ‘dream job’ location on Venice Beach in California. It wasn’t always there though. When Snapchat originated from Spiegel’s father’s living room, the company was based there. Murphy slept in Spiegel’s sister’s room and they worked around the clock to keep it going.


  Nowadays, they can split the load. Since launch they now have 35 employees, which they keep anonymous. Even though they remain anonymous we get to see inside the lives of a working day in snapchat. They advertise perks such as a friendly environment and features that millions of users use.





  The friendly environment advertised is back up by the characteristics needed by possible employees. They must be motivated by the vision, able to execute quickly and passionate about the product. While the atmosphere was shown and well advertised the actual salaries and earnings of each position are not shown to the public. Regardless, I would like to work for snapchat. Salaries are important but I believe if you’re not happy where you work you will struggle and from what is shown and written about it everyone looks happy.


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