The Money-Makers of YouTube, what they make and where they work

Like any company YouTube hire’s a large range of people, not simply just computer programmers but engineers, marketing consultants, legal representatives and even the less glorified positions such as security and janitors are all employed by the site under the wing of Google. The Wall Street Journal even reported that  “a person familiar with the company said it has between 600 and 700 staff members” before their employment expansion planning to add more than 30%. This expansion is clear to see with the site becoming ever more prevalent so does the number of its people on it’s payroll increase [1].

Although this seems quite large you’d almost forget the actual amount of people YouTube pay for services is in the thousands. As I’ve mentioned on my previous blogs, YouTube pays commission to some of the more popular YouTube up loaders basing this on views and subscription. Many of the top names on the site make a living form their audience and have become internet celebrities and now part of the celebrity fame, often coming from nothing. According to “YouTube is paid between $20 and $25 for every thousand ad views” and if you manage to become a YouTube “partner could earn $7”, who is someone who gains enough popularity on the website to gain a commission from YouTube. This is a staggering amount if you manage to make it. The site also shows a list of the top 25 earners on the site, with pewdiepie, a videogame player, making an estimated annual earning of $7 billion, and you can see why with a video posted 9 months ago earning over 43 million views on the site equating to over $614,000. This doesn’t even take into account the money that these “stars” can earn outside of YouTube, form their own sites, to advertising, merchandise sales, appearance on TV and convention along with many other things. Even number 40 on the list, a person I’ve never heard of called TimothyDeLaGhetto earns $1 million according to showing the potential a YouTube can have.


Figure.1 The top 18 earners on YouTube from the top 40 list [3].

Mentioning before the tidy sum the creators of YouTube pocketed a cool $1.65 billion [4] from google, and that YouTube “The word’s biggest video site will generate over $1.1 billion in revenue [5] by 2011”, and has only expanded since then. But what do the Bosses and excutives at YouTube earn? What of the average employee on the books at the websites payroll? Well unfortunately these figures aren’t released to the public so it’s anyone’s guess but Susan Wojcicki [6] Google’s ex-senior vice-president and recently new YouTube boss [7] is down as Forbes 30th most influential woman in the world, so you can’t imagine she’s short of change. Trying to find information on wages for the smaller employees and bosses hasn’t proved fruitful with Google/YouTube not making it easy to find this info.

One thing I can say is that working at YouTube looks like a dream! Their headquarters at San Bruno California [8]. With a 3 person slides, a pool, mini-golf, game stations and endless other things like whiteboards for any ideas that might come into someone’s head and an outdoorsy feeling to almost make you forget your in work. If only I had these perks with my job going home would be the worst thing about my day. I for one am waiting on YouTube reply to let me be one of their many workers, but I can imagine that is added to a long list with plenty more qualified than me [9].


























Fig.2. YouTube’s headquarters’ indoor features of 3 person slide and mini-put. [10]

-Aodh Maguire


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